Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joey's 3rd Birthday

Joey is 3! We cannot believe this little guy is 3 already, and either can he. He reminds us daily that he is still a baby and that he will not go potty! But that is ok, he has always been on his own schedule and we are just stand-byers in his world. Our little Joey is definitely an introvert and a big party is not his cup of tea. He did want to have a party but we kept it small. The morning of the party he told me he did not want any friends at his party but I had to tell him they were already invited and we would have to try to have fun with them. He did have fun and no fights, he just played alone. The only time we was not too happy was when we sang Happy Birthday to him. He had a very grouchy face and when I asked why he said, "I don't want no one to sing to me!" in his best southern accent! 

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