Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Big Boy Now

Well, Jacob has done it! He is a big boy now, he goes potty!!
This has been an ordeal getting started! We tried in June, then again in November but he was not ready until February! And then it just took one day and we have not looked back! He is doing great! No pee-pee accidents since the first time he sat on the potty and peed! He is even going on public restroom potties! Yay Jake!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Johnna and Brad's Wedding

We went to Ohio to share Johnna and Brad's wedding day with them! It was absolutely beautiful and oh so much fun! Aunt Johnna asked Jacob to be the ring bearer, he was very excited! She had the brilliant idea that he could be a "worker" so he toted his hardhat, boots and toolbox- with the rings safely inside! Jacob did his job superbly! (Ok, he was a little early with the rings. After walking down the isle and sitting for a few minutes he looked over at me and said, "Jake ready to eat!" I told him he needed to wait until he gave them the rings. He promptly jumped up and walked over and handed Johnna the rings!) :)
After the ceremony Jacob was so good! He worked the room like a celebrity talking with the guests. Then he sat in a corner and played legos while he waited for dinner! He sat at the table for dinner and ate like a true gentleman and then the party started!! He danced like a champ all night!
It was a gem of an evening!