Sunday, February 15, 2015

20 Questions- Jacob 5.5

Jacob has really grown this year. No one can believe how tall he is or believe he has lost two teeth! He has started reading and is working hard on it! He loves pre-K and is adored by his teachers. He talks about Star Wars non-stop and plays legos all day! He is the best big brother in the world! He has been going to swim lessons, which are tough, but he thinks he will be ready to swim by the summer!

20 Questions- Joey 3.5

Joey is our introvert. It takes him a little while to come out of his shell but once he does he can be a wild and crazy guy! He is very sweet and caring. Joey's teachers tell us he is a good listener and always doing what he is asked. Joey can be a grouchy guy so sometimes we have to give him alone. He loves his brothers and his friends at school. And he is going potty like a big boy now!