Thursday, February 27, 2014

20 Questions- Joseph 2.5

20 Questions- Jacob 4.5

Monday, February 24, 2014

Little Man

Our Jackie is 6 months and popped two teeth out!
Like his brothers he is not a great teether. When he is teething he is up more at night, fun for mama! He is such a busy boy that I actually do not mind the little extra time at night to cuddle with him (within reason). He is scooting backwards and in 360 degree circles. He can really move but gets frustrated that he is not moving forward. Jack is eating great and loving his zippy cup of water. Too bad he will not take a bottle or a cup of milk. Stinker! His brothers love him dearly and he cannot help but laugh when they are around. One day Joey was crying and looked at Jack only to receive a huge smile. He then stopped crying and said, "My baby makes me feel better!" Jack pulls the boys' hair and tries to take toys out of their hands but they do not mind it one little bit. They just smile at him and give him kisses! We love our baby!