Friday, September 26, 2014

Apple Picking- 2014

We went apple picking for a little fall fun. It has finally cooled down so we wanted to squeeze in apple picking before it was too late. The apples are ripe starting in August but it is just too hot so we made it out on the last day of picking. It was perfect out sunny and cool(er). It was a great day; Joey and Jack picked one apple each- sat down and ate them. Jake did all the work! He picked and picked and even climbed trees to get the good apples! We picked two bags of apples. It was a great time. After picking we sat down for a picnic lunch. As we were cleaning up to leave Joey decided to climb on one of the metal wagons' handles, next thing we knew Joey was screaming and blood was everywhere. We had to rush to the dentist because Joey knocked his two front teeth back into his mouth. He bit through his bottom lip as well and the tears would not stop. I rushed the entire hour drive to the dentist while Joey screamed the entire way. He was brave once we were there and the bleeding stopped. We have since found out that the two front teeth are "dead" and will have to be pulled. The fun day ended on a sour note but 3 boys and the oldest being 5- not too bad for our first "emergency!"

See the pictures of the fun part of our day here...

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