Sunday, September 27, 2015

Peter Pan at the Ballet

We took a trip down to TPAC for the ballet. I decided to give the boys a little culture and test it out with Peter Pan, a favorite story of Joey's. We got dressed up and headed downtown with our friends. It was a crap shoot whether they would sit and enjoy the ballet. Luckily, they loved every minute of the show. Joey literally sat on the edge of his seat asking questions and pointing out details the entire time. We had a little snack at intermission and were able to watch the entire show without incident. It was a very nice experience. What show is next?

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

First ER Trip

Well it happened... we knew it was bound to happen and we KNEW it would be baby #3 to do it! We hit the ER for a smashed finger. Jack was throwing a fit and would not get in the car to go to school. I had to pick his fighting body up to take to the car. I closed the door with my foot and he reached back to grab it but the force was too strong and he smashed his finger. It turned blue and swollen right away so I rushed him over. Of course Joey was with us and it was his birthday! Luckily, the finger was fine but we were not out of there in under 3 hours. Josh was able to meet us over there and take Joey to school so he could share his birthday treat with his friends. And we all lived to tell the tale!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Joey is four!

Jo-Jo is four years old! Hard to believe this little dude is a big 4 year old! He is a calm, quiet guy but when he is ready to be heard, you can hear him from miles away! He enjoys playing with his brothers but likes to play alone too. Joey likes small crowds and takes a few minutes to get warmed up but is super fun to play with once he gets started. He wants to be a police officer in Africa (not sure why). Joey LOVES sweets! The only way to get him to eat dinner is with the prospect of dessert. We played a game where the kids got to eat donuts hanging off of strings with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. He took this game VERY seriously! Not one crumb wasted. He brings lots of laughs to our family. 

Check out party pictures here.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day at Mammoth Cave

Aunt Melissa and Uncle Steve had to cancel their trip to Charleston because of flooding so we decided to meet at Mammoth Cave. We had a nice visit and a fun time playing with cousins even if Isla was teething!  We went to Kentucky Down Under, Dinosaur World, and a boat ride through a cave. 

Pictures here.