Saturday, August 6, 2011

Jake's Almost 2!

As we approach Jake's second birthday I cannot help but reflect on my precious 
little boy's two years.

 He is the sweetest, most loving boy! He enjoys nothing more than his trucks and playing in the dirt! He is all boy and tough as nails! He wakes up and is ready to play and will not go to bed at night without his dig,dig, rocks and workers. (Yes, in his bed with him!)
He is such a good boy! Everyone that meets him loves him instantly. He does not give us any trouble, he is just the happiest little guy! He loves crowds and getting attention. He plays well with other kids and really enjoys going on outings with his friends. But most of all he enjoys watching construction workers and landscapers working. He watches them and then mimics what they are doing. 
We have waited for Jacob to really start talking. It has felt like it took forever but he is a chatter box now! Most of what he says is just understood by Josh and myself, we can understand him pretty clearly though. He says some really cute words and phrases:
  • One of my favorites is, "ew gross daddy" - I think the reason why he says this is pretty self explanatory! 
  • When asked a question Jake always answers with, "K," for okay. It is so stinking cute! The funniest time he says K is when he wants something, when you repeat what he is asking for he will say, "K" like it was your idea the whole time. 
  • He says, "yeah," in a very monotone voice. This sparks us to call him Rainman from Dustin Hoffman's role in the famous movie. He sounds just like him! 
  • Any time anything is not working he says, "Daddy fix, Daddy fix!" 
  • He calls music and TV, "yaya." We have no idea where this comes from but our best guess is that it is what he hears when they are on. Think of Charlie Brown, the adults always made that same blah, blah, blah sound.
  • When he does not want something to happen or when he does not want to do something he says, "no, no, no," with his pointer finger out shaking up and down. 
  • Jake is a great eater and will eat just about everything, as long as it is not orange (don't know why!) He eats about all day long and is quick to ask for a, "nack" if he is hungry. (Snack) His favorite is, "Daddy bar," this is a granola bar. Initially I bought Jake his own breakfast bars as snacks but he liked Josh's granola breakfast bars better so he makes sure to ask for Daddy's bar. 
  • Although he is a good eater he still loves a sweet treat! He asks for, "treats" and gets so excited that he puts his hands up and shakes from pure enthusiasm!
  • He is starting a preschool in August. We talk about school a lot to get him ready and drove by the school once and I told him that was his school. Now every time we drive by the building he will say, "Jake School," without any prompting. He just remembered that was where his school was and never forgot it! 
  • His favorite phrase, or the one he says the most is, "ut oh!" At first I thought it was so cute but after hearing it  repeatedly, it gets a little annoying! Like I said, it is his FAVORITE phrase!
  • He can get a little bossy at times especially when he wants to play! He will tell us to come play with him by grabbing our hand and walking us into his play area. He then tells us where to, "eat," (seat) which is where to sit.
  • He calls me "Ma," Josh "Daddy" and Caesar "Cees."
  • He can say, "paci" so we know he can say the /e/ sound but he cannot say sushi he says, "susho." And loves eating sushi by the way!
  • Everyday when Josh leaves for work we tell him we love him and have a good day. Jake's version sounds like this,"woo you, day!" Makes me laugh every time!
  • After going to a couple friend's birthday parties Jake has learned Happy Birthday. He loves birthday's because of the cake so he gets very excited and says, "appy /b/day." He even starts the song with Happy Birthday then a little hum after. 
  • The funniest word he says is, "wooka" this is worker and he calls anyone that works a worker. (I know makes sense!) Waitresses, farmers, firemen all "wookas" so cute! 

This is not all he says but just a few of the cutest things! He is at the point where everyday we hear a handful of new words. He repeats, or at least tries to repeat, a lot of what we say! So we know we will be in trouble soon! 
We cannot believe he is almost 2! He has been the best thing in our lives and we cannot wait to see who he becomes!

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