Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July 2013

This year we staying in Nashville for the 4th of July since Mama couldn't travel. We were a little worried about finding fireworks that we could go see and avoid the crazy crowd of downtown. After asking everyone we know, Josh's co-worker told us about a perfect little show. It was at a local Catholic School/Church. And it was just what we wanted. Small area but included a playground, live music and a  lot of kids!We brought a blanket and sat on the ground with a few friends!

The boys really enjoyed the show, which by the way was AMAZING!! It was 45 minutes of endless fireworks. We did not expect it to be so great. Jake was worried before the show but did well during. Joey thought the fireworks were bright, but loved watching them. The best part was being able to get out of there in a few short minutes!

The show was the Sunday before the 4th but worked out well since it was pouring down rain the entire Fourth of July! We did have friends over on the 4th for a cookout that ended up being a cook-in! It was fun nonetheless!

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