Saturday, November 24, 2012

Let the Construction Begin

There is no better gift to two little "workers"than a construction site across the street! Demolition has begun on the Community Center at the park across the street. The plan is to completely knock down the old one and build a new "green" building. Josh and I are excited at the prospect of a gym across the street but the boys are enthralled with the work being done. They started with a PULVERIZER! This is a mighty machine that has a long arm that literaly grips the walls and pulls them down. It is impressive! That one machine tore that entire building apart over two weeks. The worker pulled off wires and gutters with the pulverizer with great precision. He then separated the materials into piles of wires, metal, bricks and concrete blocks. I have to admit I was as much entranced as the boys. Our sweet neighbor, Annalise, called this machine Mr. Grumpy because, "It is a mean dinosaurs!" I will tell you, she was right! It really resembled a dinosaur as it moved around! The process will surely take a year to clear the old building and build the new one and I am sure the boys and I will be watching every step of the way!

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