Saturday, January 28, 2012

Joseph is 4 Months!

Joseph is 4 months old now! It is hard to believe that he has only been with us four short months! It feels like he has always been here! Jacob and Joey have become fast friends! Jake loves to read to Joey and to kiss him! Joey's first smiles were given to Jacob solely. There is nothing more magical than watching your boys love each other.
Joey is a whopping 17.5 pounds and 27 inches long! At his age Jacob was 18 pounds but only 25 inches long. Joey was sleeping well at night but not so much anymore. I think he is going through a growth spurt, he has been eating every two hours for the last 3 weeks. We are trying to get on a schedule now. It is hard for him to nap long with all the playful sounds coming out of Jake all day. We have him napping in his crib in Jake's room upstairs and sleeping at night with us downstairs. Not ideal, but working.
Joey is a joy! He has the cutest little laugh, it sounds like one loud burst. Josh and Jake can make him really get going. He likes to put EVERYTHING in his mouth and chew all day, no teeth yet. Sophie the Giraffe is his favorite toy right now. He doesn't love being on his tummy for tummy time but he will really push up onto is arms. His legs are ever busy kick, kick, kicking! He is so busy that he needs to be swaddled to sleep otherwise his hands are so flailing and he can't fall asleep. He is going through a stage where he really needs to be rocked vigorously to get to sleep. I can lay him down awake to fall asleep if the conditions are 'just right!'  Joey loves his bath time. He is very patient and just the most lovable little guy around, you cannot find a happier boy!

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